What’s the ‘longevity’ diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You may well have heard about the longevity diet program, and its guarantee of an prolonged daily life span — but what exactly is it and is it any different to other weight loss plans marketing superior overall health?

The longevity diet program is a set of eating tips compiled by a biochemist known as Valter Longo, director of the College of Southern California’s Longevity Institute. He is regarded for his research on the role of fasting, the effects of vitamins and minerals on your genes and how these may perhaps impact ageing and the hazard of disorders.

While the longevity eating plan has been focused to older adults, it is also suggested for young persons. Longo has reported he ideas to reside to 120 by next this diet plan.

So, what does the diet regime glimpse like?

Meals in this diet plan are vegetables, such as leafy greens, fruit, nuts, beans, olive oil, and seafood which is small in mercury.

So most food items in the longevity diet program are plant centered. Plant-primarily based weight loss plans are frequently larger in vitamins and minerals, nutritional fibre, anti-oxidants and decreased in saturated fat and salt, which guide to overall health positive aspects.

Meals that are discouraged are an excessive of meat and dairy, and individuals superior in processed sugar and saturated fat.

For people today who never want to go devoid of dairy, the longevity diet endorses switching from cow’s milk to possibly goat’s or sheep’s milk, which have a a bit different nutrient profile. But there is very little evidence sheep’s and goat’s milk present additional health and fitness rewards.

Which include fermented dairy (this sort of as cheese and yoghurt) in your diet program, as advisable in the longevity food plan, is effective as it delivers a more extensive microbiome (excellent bacteria) than any milk.

A woman with blue nail polish picks up a pink iced donut from a box of several donuts
The diet regime recommends people sustain a healthier body weight, potentially by reduce snacking, significantly of foods substantial in saturated excess fat, salt or sugar.(Pexels: Andres Ayrton)

Have you found this food plan in advance of?

Numerous of you may perhaps recognise this as a common dietary sample. It is very similar to the Mediterranean diet, specifically as both of those attribute olive oil as the oil of preference. The Mediterranean diet program is promoted and backed by a considerable entire body of proof to be health and fitness advertising, reducing the hazard of sickness, and promoting longevity.

The longevity diet regime is also identical to a lot of national, proof-centered nutritional tips, including Australia’s.

Two-thirds of the advisable foods in the Australian dietary recommendations appear from plant-dependent foodstuff (cereals, grains, legumes, beans, fruits, greens). The suggestions also provide plant-based mostly choices for protein (these as dried beans, lentils and tofu) and dairy (this sort of as soy-dependent milks, yoghurts and cheeses, so prolonged as they are supplemented with calcium).

Intermittent fasting

A different aspect of the longevity eating plan is the specified intervals of fasting, identified as intermittent fasting. The diet program advocates having in a 12-hour time-frame, and not taking in for 3 to 4 several hours before mattress time.