Weight Loss: Mahesh Babu and Shehnaaz Gill’s diet plan for fancy weight loss tips: 2022 “most searched topic” list is here

Finding the perfect figure is a dream we all carry in our hearts. In 2022, people switched from their lazy lifestyle to a more active and healthier living. Diet plans followed by south superstar Mahesh Babu, bubbly actress Shehnaaz Gill, and the very vivacious Sara Ali Khan took the Internet in a blow. People from all walks of life took inspiration from the actors to kickstart their healthy routine.

Let’s have a look at all the health-related queries that grabbed the attention of Indians in 2022:

Mahesh Babu’s Diet Plan

Mahesh Babu is one of the finest actors in the South film industry. His fans hail from all over the world and crave to know even about the slightest details of his personal and professional life.

To get a body like him people started following his diet plan in 2022. A major portion of his diet plan includes protein which helps in muscle building. For breakfast, Mahesh prefers to eat eggs, oatmeal, and fruits. He avoids carbs and adds some carbohydrates like rice for lunch.

Shehnaaz Gill’s weight loss diet plan

Big Boss-fame Shehnaaz Gill has undergone a major transformation in 2022. The food-lover has changed her meals by giving importance to what she eats in a day. She starts her morning with a piping hot cup of tea and turmeric water. Also, Shehnaaz takes included apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

Sara Ali Khan’s diet plan

To achieve a hot body like Sara Ali Khan, people searched for her diet plan in 2022. It is believed that to lose weight, one should eat eggs and south Indian items for breakfast. Lentils, rotis, salad, and fruits are good for lunch. For snacks, one can have healthy options like upma, poha, etc. Green vegetables with rotis are perfect for dinner.

Is diet coke good for weight loss

Some people also looked for diet coke’s relevance as a weight loss product. However, it was revealed that diet coke is not beneficial for weight loss. The beverage contains high sugar content which can increase weight quickly.

Sports diet plan for weight loss

With more and more people switching to exercise, a sports diet plan became one of the most searched items in 2022. In this, one should stick to high-quality foods rather than processed foods. A well-balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc. are the best for weight loss.

Simple diet chart for weight loss

Simple diet chart was searched by a lot of Indians on Google. In such diet plans, one is expected to consume less carbs and more nutrients and vitamins.

7 day diet plan for glowing skin

People also searched for a 7 day diet plan to get glowing skin like film stars. Here, one is compelled to reduce the intake of dairy and sugar products. Individuals should drink more juices and green beverages in their diet. Good hydration can help in providing glowing skin.


Q1. Is intermittent fasting good effective for weight loss?

Ans. Intermittent fasting has been proven effective for weight loss. Alternate-day fasting is the best for weight loss.

Q2. What is a good BMI range?

Ans. Experts suggest that an ideal BMI range is between 18.5 to 24.9. The figure above 30 is considered obesity which is not good.

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