Vale Park Animal Hospital’s treatment assistant team maximizes patient comfort

Vale Park Animal Hospital takes pride in providing medical care for pets and quality customer service. Vale Park’s motto indicates this is a place where you will find happy pets and happy people.

One department within the animal hospital that strives to follow the standard of its motto is the treatment assistant team. The responsibilities of the treatment assistant team include working diligently and ensuring that every pet brought into Vale Park is taken outside multiple times a day while being kept clean, comfortable, and fed.

Formerly known as the kennel treatment team, this group of individuals is responsible for tasks such as creating availability for medical supplies and assisting with medical procedures. Maggie Schuster, supervisor of the treatment assistant team, discussed the practices taken in order for them to provide the best care for the animals.

“We receive a lot of hands-on training in order to provide the best patient care for the pets,” Schuster said. “They learn low-stress handling techniques to maximize the pets’ level of comfort.”

Schuster considers a position working with this team as a great role for people looking for experience in veterinary medicine.

The team needs to be alert for any signs of distress, illness and injury in hospitalized patients. If found, the team communicates these signs efficiently with other departments of the hospital to make sure each pet is given the treatment necessary.

This communication creates a sense of fluidity for not just the employees but also for pets and customers.

“It takes a lot of teamwork,” Schuster said. “The team works with technicians, doctors and other hospital assistants to provide the best patient care. Treatment assistants might need to juggle multiple tasks throughout the day. One could be handling the pets while the other is sterilizing instruments and stocking.”
According to Schuster, the treatment assistant team has been very successful as of late. Within the last 12 months, she has recognized growth from the team who works together like a well-oiled machine.

Moving forward, Vale Park is looking to incorporate something new for the team.

“We are looking forward to the treatment assistant team starting a new phase training program,” Schuster said. “This will help them learn advanced skills and achieve their goals with the veterinary profession.”

While the treatment assistant team might not get to interact directly with pet owners, they provide the best care for their furry friends in a way that can touch hearts. Schuster is proud of the work her team has done to maintain health for pets in Northwest Indiana.

“Our treatment assistants do a little bit of everything in the back of the hospital,” Schuster said. “They play an integral part of the team and help immensely to keep things running smoothly throughout the day. They do a great job at keeping the patients comfortable.”

To learn more about the treatment assistant team at Vale Park Animal Hospital, you can visit its website.