This dermatologist is holding influencers accountable on wasteful routines

When it comes to skincare routines, social media can be a minefield. From 12-step morning facials to a thousand different product mentions in a week – there’s no denying that skincare content is at an all time high.

And while it can be fun to be a voyeur into other people’s skincare routines, it can also be pretty damaging – causing many people to buy products they ultimately don’t need, leading to a tonne of excessive waste.

One dermatologist is calling out influencer’s excessive routines: holding them accountable for not only the unnecessary amount of steps in their routine, but also the waste they’re producing – and we won’t lie, we kind of love him for it.

With so many fun, buzzy skincare products being released every week, it can be tempting to over-spend and subsequently use all the products together at the same time. Trust us – we’ve been guilty of it too. But dermatologist Angelo Landriscina points out that not only will your skin not benefit from these multi-step routines, they’re actually extremely wasteful and harmful for the environment.

Reacting to a 14-step video titled ‘THAT GIRL skincare routine’, Angelo calls out the overuse of single-use sheet masks and also de-bunks some of the unnecessary tools used, such as cleansing sponges and a marshmallow whip cleansing frother.

‘This is kind of why I hate influencer skincare routines,’ he says. ‘They would have you think you need to create all of this trash to do an effective skincare routine and you don’t.’

It’s not all negative though – Angelo does give props to the Summer Fridays moisturiser and sunscreen used in the video.

When it comes to skincare: less is often more. Your skin barrier and the environment will thank you.