The Carbon-Credit diet plan, 2022

It’s been a long two years of lockdown and it’s fair to say that all those Uber Eats added up, especially when the government marched around and closed the gyms.

Yes, the government’s official solution to a pandemic where the biggest risk factor for death was cited as being ‘overweight’ was to lock people in their homes and instruct them to ‘Netflix and chill’ with an endless supply of pizza. Just under half of the Western world reported an extra bulge or too and, now that people are allowed out, there are certainly more yoga pants and long jumpers than usual.

But don’t worry. The World Economic Forum has convened in Davos to help solve this crisis of over-padded humans indulging in a rare century of plentiful food.

Humans have access to too much food. This isn’t a pandemic problem, according to the WEF, it’s a Climate Change problem. How dare people in the West, who looked after their countries and cultivated a successful agricultural industry, reap the benefits of democracy, capitalism, and a robust education system. That’s simply not fair to the countries that keep descending into ethnic civil wars, tribal violence, religious practices that hold women at home, or whose people fall for the promises of socialist warlords that keep taking power and ruling via corruption propped up by hundreds of billions in global aid programs.

Instead of exporting the successful ideologies and systems of government, the WEF has demanded that the West become more socialist and implement an artificial food shortage created through a re-imagined social credit system. They cannot skip straight to the Chinese System, where citizens are punished for not loving Xi Jinping enough, so the plan is to begin by punishing Western citizens for side-eyeing a steak.

A moral judgment and physical limitation is about to be placed on our food decisions – one that will, by extension – collapse Australia’s farming community which will have no choice but to sell up to foreign investors or allow their properties to be overrun by bugs. Not only are there plans afoot by the Greens and Teals to over-tax, over-regulate, and reclaim farmland (for environmental reasons, of course) – adding a Carbon Cost will stifle the demand for fresh produce and erase the last Aussie farmers. Is this really what we want?

This goes well beyond the annoyance of Vegans and Vegetarians protesting in aisle 9 or the elbow-nudging of someone chowing down on foie gras at a posh restaurant.

We are expected to give up our fresh food and vegetables, meats, and treats and replace them with lab-grown muck and beetles. If the WEF and lunatics at the United Nations Climate Change panels get their way, modern humans will be eating worse than the peasants of the Dark Ages. At least rats still had some meat on them.

Calculating the Carbon Cost (yes, that is how it is described by the businesses already working in partnership with the WEF to certify the calculation), is set to appear on menus around the world like a calorie count. With the increasing digital surveillance demanded by our government – representatives of which are in attendance at Davos – how long before that Carbon Cost goes onto our digital identity? How long before it becomes like an unofficial credit rating?

China’s Social Credit System did not begin with threats and restrictions. It was sold to the public (and trialled) as a system of reward where citizens could compete on virtue.

Early uptake users in China used the Social Credit System app to engage in ‘good activities’ in order to buy or access ‘privileges’. This makes sense in China where the communist system actively denies its citizens access to the trappings of society enjoyed by party members. In the West, we work hard, earn money, and then buy what we want as a reward. The government has no say in our choices or subsequent success. At first, this virtue-system was popular in China – but the Chinese people missed the sinister point. They shouldn’t have to ‘virtue signal’ to access society, they should demand the government stop oppressing them.

Sadly, the West’s children aren’t much smarter. The idea of a Woke Virtue Signalling competition with government rewards sounds like a great idea for people too lazy to work. Completing a week of honest, hard work to learn a trade? No way. Much easier to order a salad wrap with extra weevils and collect a big green ‘tick’ from Big Brother.

The West must learn from China’s mistake.

It only took a few short months for the Social Credit Reward system to turn into a tool of dictatorial punishment. Buy the wrong thing, criticise the government, step outside the State-approved narrative, and suddenly you can’t buy food, your kids can’t go to school, and you can’t use the public transport system to escape.

The Chinese people are prisoners of the same idea being promoted as an innocent climate-saving virtue this week at Davos – a technology that Western billionaires in Silicon Valley (who censor our public forum) helped to design.

In the end, it is about control.

Don’t eat this. Don’t say that. Don’t think that.

The result is a population that has no choice but to consume whatever the big businesses at the top of the food chain sell us, whether we want it or not – just like the products ‘offered’ by vaccine manufacturers were purchased by the government and forced on the community by denials of rights. When the WEF talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better – they are describing the end of the free market, of merit, and competition.

Klaus Schwab is not kidding when he says, ‘The future is built by us!’

Take a really good long look at the people behind the Climate Change narrative. They are the ones hopping on private jets, lounging in five-star hotels, and living on private islands in mansions bigger than some towns. They eat, drink, smoke, and swallow whatever they like while plotting to reduce your quality of life to ‘save the planet’.

Something is wrong with this image.

What happens, we are left to ask, to those who don’t stick to the Carbon Cost diet? Will it be a little disappointed shake of the head, or are we going to see a war between the ‘Health at Any Size’ movement and the World Economic Forum? Australia must reject this Carbon Cost before it gets a hold of our economy.

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