Maimonides Hospital Power Struggle Boils Over as Patients Young and Old Endure ‘Traumatizing’ Care

On one side are allegations of mismanagement, self-enrichment and poor performance putting Brooklyn residents in danger.

On the other is a dismissal of these complaints as a disinformation campaign — spread by mailers, leaflets and on social media — meant to disparage the quality of care.

In politics, this would be business as usual.

But this fight is happening over Maimonides Medical Center — Brooklyn’s largest safety-net hospital, in Borough Park.

Caught in the middle of the drama that’s been unfolding publicly since February are patients at the 700-bed facility and their family members, some of whom shared horrible recent

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Young mothers’ use of and experiences with mental health care services in Ontario, Canada: a qualitative descriptive study | BMC Women’s Health


A purposeful sample of 29 young mothers (mean age = 18.83) discussed their experiences of seeking social support and health care services for their mental health disorders during pregnancy and the early years of their children’s lives. The sociodemographic characteristics of these young mothers are summarized in Table 1. The majority of the young women identified their relationship status as single (58.6%) with only 37.9% married or in a common-law relationship.

Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of study participants (n = 29)

Prevalence and type of mental health disorders

Within these social contexts, the majority of participants (69%) reported

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Want to feel healthy and stay young? Nutritionist shares five tips | Health

Who does not want to stay young? With years, the age keeps growing but it is important to feel healthy from the inside and stay young as much we can, despite the number of years we are at. When we take care of our bodies, we look younger from the outside and feel fit from the inside and find the energy to do the work that many of the same age cannot perform. However, to stay young and feel fit, it is important to make a few lifestyle changes so that our minds and bodies can be healthy.


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