Woman Shares How Her Aunt Shamed Her Mother’s Skincare Routine Just Because She’s Dark-Skinned

I think it is safe for me to say that many Indians still consider light skin a prime beauty trait. And at some point or the other, most of us have been peer pressured into buying beauty products to lighten our skin tone. 

In fact, as a society, we’re a bit obsessed and hyper focused on the idea of skin care lightening our complexions. It’s as if we’ve completely forgotten that skin care, as an act, isn’t actually about getting fair skin. 

So, when we stumbled across this Reddit post by u/AcronymTheSlayer talking about how her paternal aunt, AKA bua,

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Woman Hospitalized After Taking CBD With Herbal Supplement for Months

  • A new case study suggests that taking too many herbal supplements sent a woman to the ER.
  • It says she had a dangerously irregular heartbeat after taking high doses of CBD and berberine.
  • Doctors say they’ve increasingly seen health issues related to herbal supplements.

A 56-year-old woman went to the emergency room for dizziness and fainting, and doctors found she had a dangerous heart condition related to herbal supplements she had been taking, a case report published Monday in Heart Rhythm Case Reports says.

Doctors at the University Hospital of Geneva in Switzerland who wrote the

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8 Skincare Products Every Woman Should Use Before Turning 30

What is it about the prospect of turning 30 that brings a newfound devotion to skincare? Yes, there’s the obsessive poring over stray spots and microscopic lines you’re yet to be familiar with, but is it all in your mind, or does your skin actually start to change right when you enter that third decade?

According to Alicia Barba, a Miami-based dermatologist, the first signs of sun damage do generally show up in your thirties, as your skin’s reparative abilities begin to weaken — think mild brown spots, crow’s feet and dull skin. But it’s important to remember that those

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Mental health tips by psychologist that every woman should follow | Health

If you are a woman and reading this, it’s a reminder for you to take care of your mental health every single day. Prioritising mental health is important for everyone to promote overall well-being and protect against mental illnesses. However mental illnesses impact men and women differently. For instance, depression is more than twice as prevalent in young women aged between 14-25 years as compared to men according to National Library of Medicine. Not only women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety compared to men, there are some illnesses that are specific to women, such as prenatal

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