What is skin cycling? Learn more about the TikTok skin care trend

It may sound like a workout for your face, but skin cycling is actually a routine that prioritizes rest and recovery for your skin. The method was coined by Dr. Whitney Bowe and has taken off on TikTok with other skin care experts and novices alike touting its skin benefits. “Skin cycling is a trend that became popular on TikTok, but the concept has been practiced by skin care professionals for many years,” says Amy Peterson, medical aesthetician and founder of Miami medspa Skincare by Amy Peterson.

“I have always called it ‘cream rotation’ for my patients because it

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Jello skin: See what this skin care trend is all about

It turns out Jell-O — the jiggly, fruity gelatinous sweet that isn’t so much a treat — sounds much more appealing when you’re talking about skin care. Not to apply to your face, of course, but to emulate. Like glazed donut skin (another delicious-sounding trend), jello skin is all about embodying the food it’s named after — in this case, the bouncy, plump properties of Jell-O. (Editor’s note: Jell-O, the food, is a trademark, but when referring to the beauty trend we use lowercase.)

Jello skin was first coined by beauty influencer Ava Lee, who posted a now-viral TikTok

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The Search for the Next Skin Care Trend

When I started chronicling the goings-on of fashion bloggers back in 2010, Garance Doré was part of that elite first wave of content creators who sat front row at fashion shows (much to the dismay of the print editors seated beside them). Her personal style helped define the street style era, and as a writer, photographer and illustrator, she featured others’ looks on her website. Over the course of her career, she’s partnered with the likes of Dior and Prada, among other luxury labels, and her 2015 book, “Love Style Life,” was a New York Times bestseller.

Last week, Doré

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