Celeb-Loved Tula Skincare Has a New Eye Treatment That Shoppers Say ‘Firms Skin’ & ‘Minimizes Dark Circles’

Being able to confidently look someone in the eye is a powerful feeling, but when you feel self-conscious about fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around your Baby Blues (or browns, or greens) it can make you want to hide behind some oversize Jackie O. shades. While those crow’s feet may be the result of a lifetime of laughs and it’s totally normal for skin to age and change, we can still want to put our best face forward. Luckily, Tula Skincare recently launched a new eye treatment that shoppers say “firms skin” and “minimizes dark circles” like a boss.

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Cancer Survivors Day: Tips for cancer survivors to stay healthy post treatment | Health

National Cancer Survivors Day: Every year on the first Sunday in June, National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation observes the day to spread awareness and information about and honour the survivors of the deadly disease. The day gives cancer survivors hope that life after diagnosis can be full and fruitful too. This year National Cancer Survivors Day is being celebrated on June 5. (Also read: Fighting cancer? Expert-approved mental health tips to stay resilient)

Post cancer care is equally important and one must adopt positive lifestyle practices to lead a healthy life. Certain side-effects of cancer treatment linger on and the

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Your Rosacea Skin Care Treatment Guide, Straight From Derms

If you’ve been diagnosed with rosacea or think you might have it, know you’re far from alone: Over 16 million Americans are living with the common skin condition, and a 2018 study found that 415 million have it worldwide. That said, researchers have yet to find a cure or determine what actually causes the skin’s inflammatory response.

Generally, rosacea entails flushed skin, visible blood vessels, redness, and a sensitivity to certain ingredients and triggers. While there’s still research being done on the condition, Dr. Peter Young, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and medical director at Facet

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How Classification of Lymphoma in the Modern Era Impacted Patient Treatment, Patient Care

Pharmacy Times interviewed Elaine Jaffe, MD, National Institutes of Health (NIH) distinguished investigator at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH, who is receiving the American Society for Investigative Pathology Gold-Headed Cane Award and is presenting an award lecture at the Experimental Biology 2022 conference on the classification of lymphoma in the modern era—a marriage of pathology and genomics.

Question: How has classification of lymphoma in the modern era impacted patient treatment and patient care opportunities?

Elaine Jaffe: So, I think as we identify the molecular pathogenesis, this has helped us to develop targeted therapies. So, speaking about some of

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