Lab testing transparency will improve patient care and lower costs

The require for comprehensible and clear pricing for healthcare services in the U.S. has improved in urgency with the continuing increase of out-of-pocket healthcare prices.

Individuals are delaying health care mainly because they are unsure of the value or they can’t manage it. A latest Willis Tower Watson (WTW) survey of 9,600 U.S. employees showed that 4 in 10 people deferred health care in the previous yr, with 28% delaying or canceling a health-related course of action and 17% not filling a prescription.

Latest federal mandates are inching rate transparency forward with the objective of improving upon care when reducing

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50 Percent of Supplements Contain Hidden Animal Byproducts. New Campaign Pushes for Transparency.

Approximately 50 percent of dietary supplements contain animal-derived ingredients, a new report reveals. Authored by international animal protection organization Animal Save Movement and vegan supplement brand Terraseed, and supported by a coalition of animal welfare non-profit organizations, the report reveals that the supplement industry has a major impact on animals, with over 24 billion animals killed for supplements each year. It also points out that there is a lack of transparency in disclosing these animal-derived ingredients. 

Because it can be difficult for the average consumer to decipher where the ingredients in their supplements come from and how they’re made, the

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