11 Social Media Positivity Tips For Healthy Media Habits

If you want someone to convince you to stop using social media, I am not your girl. I won’t tell you to delete Instagram, to limit your TikTok use with a timer, or to condemn society for making it such a big part of our lives. While there’s nothing wrong with these approaches and each come with their own benefits, today, I’m sharing a different approach. Social media is already a big part of our lives, and I’m not one to waste my energy trying to swim upstream. The only way to move forward is to work with it by

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Connecting health care and social services

Our health is influenced by so much more than the inner workings of our body. Housing, financial stability, food access and transportation – factors widely known as social determinants of health — all impact how healthy we are as individuals and communities. Despite broad acceptance that social factors affect health, U.S. health care organizations don’t typically fund social programs to address them.

It comes down to something called the “wrong pocket problem,” which occurs when one group won’t fund a program that is socially beneficial because the financial returns go to another group, said Jonathan Shaw, MD, a clinical

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San Diego County supervisors consider $2.76 billion budget for health care, social services

San Diego County supervisors are considering a $2.76 billion spending plan for health, homelessness and social services that would add new behavioral health services, fund homeless shelters and develop affordable housing.

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency spending comprises the largest part of the county’s proposed $7.15 billion budget for the next fiscal year that begins July 1.

The agency would see a slight drop in expenditures over the next year, with a 1.1 percent decline from $2.84 billion to $2.76 billion, due to the elimination of one-time COVID-19 spending, according to budget figures

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