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The seasons are modifying and that usually means it is about time to replenish your skincare shelf. No matter if your pores and skin is always thirsty in the tumble and winter months or you’re working with a bout of acne, the present-day Tula skincare sale has a solution for you—and 20% off sitewide.

Store the Tula sale

Now through Wednesday, September 28, Tula is hosting a sitewide sale with 20% off all skincare solutions

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Brad Pitt Unveils His Genderless Skincare Line Exclusively To Vogue

Right here, Pitt reveals his “little, very simple regimen”, how Gwyneth Paltrow influenced his early skincare behavior, and why self-enjoy just may well be the best secret to ageing properly.

How did the Le Domaine challenge arrive about?

Brad Pitt: We experienced been chatting about it for so lengthy I really do not recall now how it at first started off. I don’t forget examining about the overall health houses of grape skins as a thing we wished to look into. But the first strategy, correct from the commencing, comes again to this position. It is just steeped in creativeness

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The Best Skin-Care Routines and Products Dermatologists Actually Use

There’s no doubt that discovering the best skin-care routine is quite the undertaking—whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or novice. Even those with years of experience will share that the journey to clear and glowing skin was not without a bit of trial and error.

There seems to be an endless amount of skin-care advice out there nowadays, especially now that many of us can learn new tips and tricks on TikTok. But how do you know what to trust? As we look to answer that question ourselves, we thought to take a peek into the routines of our favorite dermatologists.

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Chantecaille anti-aging skincare saviors are 25% off in this sitewide sale

Chantecaille Bio Lifting anti-aging skincare.

Chantecaille’s Bio Lifting anti-aging skin-care line truly delivers. (Photo: Chantecaille)

Feel like you’re on a constant quest for products that actually lift, tighten and hydrate your skin, that deliver on the promises made on the label instead of just disappointing you? Well, get ready to toss your entire stash of anti-aging skin care, because we’ve found the only three products you need.

They’re all part of the Bio Lifting line by Chantecaille, a luxury brand that has fans building their entire beauty routines around it and swearing it’s “worth every penny.” Right now, Chantecaille has put its full product line

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Celeb-Loved Tula Skincare Has a New Eye Treatment That Shoppers Say ‘Firms Skin’ & ‘Minimizes Dark Circles’

Being able to confidently look someone in the eye is a powerful feeling, but when you feel self-conscious about fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around your Baby Blues (or browns, or greens) it can make you want to hide behind some oversize Jackie O. shades. While those crow’s feet may be the result of a lifetime of laughs and it’s totally normal for skin to age and change, we can still want to put our best face forward. Luckily, Tula Skincare recently launched a new eye treatment that shoppers say “firms skin” and “minimizes dark circles” like a boss.

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Dr. Sheila Farhang shares her favorite summer skincare products

We’re truly in the dog days of summer, and that means more time outside exposed to the elements — like sunshine, sand, surf and more. While savoring every sunny moment, it’s important to take care of our skin. Dermatologist Dr. Sheila Farhang — aka “Dr. Sheila” — sat down with us to share her top five summer skincare essentials. Farhang is board-certified dermatologist and double-fellowship trained cosmetic and skin cancer surgeon, and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Vogue and more, so she knows a thing or two. She also

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Ashley Tisdale Launches Frenshe, a Skin-Care, Fragrance, and Self-Care Brand at Target | Interview, Quotes

For a dose of invigoration in the morning, Awaken & Uplift coupled with Citrus Amber (sparkling lemon, orange blossom, golden musk) is your gal. Joy & Bliss, which is invoked through Solar Fleur (bergamot orpur, coconut orchid, solar peony, sandalwood oil), feels like a sunny day spent at the beach.

The “in-between” scent, as you could call it, is Balance & Harmony, which takes its physical form as Bergamot Cedar (bergamot, ginger, gardenia, vetiver, cedarwood). “I really wanted a woodsier scent because I’m a huge Big Sur fan,” she explains. “If I really need time to heal and

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Kristin Chenoweth Shares Her Go-To Drugstore Skincare Products

  • Kristin Chenoweth told Prevention her must-have drugstore beauty product.
  • The 53-year-old swears by Bio-Oil, and reveals the surprising areas she applies it.
  • The TONY-awarding-winning actress also loves Nivea Chapstick in Pink Shimmer.

    Kristin Chenoweth has learned a few beauty tricks during her decades-long career. The TONY award-winning actress has spent enough time in the makeup chair to learn what works for her. Now, she’s sharing the wealth with Prevention, so to speak, and revealing her go-to drugstore beauty product: Bio Oil.

    Bio Oil

    “The people don’t want us to know about it,” Chenoweth jokes. “I want

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    Ourself Skincare Is Making Pro-Grade Treatments Obsolete| Well+Good

    Gone are the days when a trip to the dermatologist’s office was the only way to achieve a smooth, radiant complexion. As clinical-grade ingredients have become more readily available OTC, it’s given consumers the tools they need to enhance their skin right at home in their bathrooms. While this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon (we first reported on it back in 2021), there’s one brand that’s been buzzing on social media of late for its formulas’ abilities to mimic the effects of lasers, peels, and even injections.

    Ourself, which launched earlier this year, was built by a trio

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    I Skipped Skin-Care Products For 7 Days to Try TikTok’s Viral “Skin Fasting”

    skin fasting editor experiment

    skin fasting editor experiment

    You’ve probably heard of fasting when it comes to food, but have you ever heard of fasting when it comes to your skin? A few months ago, I came across a TikTok video where a beauty influencer was talking about “skin fasting.” After doing a deep dive on the trend, I learned that “skin fasting” is taking a break from your skin-care products to give your skin time to rebalance and reset. The idea is that when we apply products to our skin, we instruct our skin on what to do, and it eventually becomes “lazy.”

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