Scientific Trial Proves Diet Supplement Can Prevent Hereditary Cancer

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Resistant starch has been shown to have a major preventive effect on a wide range of cancers in people with high hereditary risk.

Could a banana a day keep the cancer doc away?

A major preventive effect from resistant starch on a wide range of cancers has been shown in a trial in people with high hereditary risk. Resistant starch can be found in a broad variety of foods such as oats, breakfast cereal, cooked and cooled pasta or rice, peas and beans, and slightly green bananas.

An international trial revealed that a regular dose of resistant starch, also known

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The Blue Zones Diet: A Complete Scientific Guide

To get an idea of what following the Blue Zones diet looks like, check out this week’s worth of sample menus to get started. There aren’t portion sizes on this diet — tune into what your body is telling you and eat when you feel the need. Pause as you eat and evaluate your fullness so you can stop eating when you are 80 percent full. For more mealtime inspiration, check out some other Blue Zones recipes.

Day 1

Breakfast: Granola with dried berries and nuts

Lunch: Squash, radicchio, and chickpea salad

Dinner: Tofu, spinach, and herb-stuffed shells


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