Fighting cancer? Expert-approved mental health tips to stay resilient | Health

Cancer is a much-dreaded word and not without a reason. The long and arduous journey requires great resilience, strength and support and it is certainly a battle which can be won to a great extent with your mind. It is easier said than done though as the cancer patient has to make drastic changes in their lifestyle while battling with all the uncertainty, pain, discomfort, anxiety that comes with cancer. Making peace with the situation that you are in, doing things that make you calm, staying away from unnecessary stressors as much as possible, staying in touch with people who

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MidCoast Health System, Resilient Working to Fix Health Care’s ‘Forever Crisis’

Seniors in rural areas often face more hurdles to gaining access to home-based care, especially in comparison to their urban counterparts.

Resilient Healthcare’s recent Rural Health Initiative aims to address this. The program is the latest development for the rapidly growing in-home care provider, which specializes in treating higher-acuity patients.

“Rural Health Initiative started when we realized that people weren’t able to have the access to the care they’d have in a larger city,” Alysa Newman, director of nursing at Resilient, told Home Health Care News. “The resources weren’t there, the people weren’t there, and the staff wasn’t there.”


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