Dear Doctor: Why aren’t all vitamin supplements 100% of the daily recommended requirement?

Pricey DR. ROACH: Why do multivitamins invariably give some elements with much more than 100%, and some with much less than 100%, of every day necessity? Why aren’t all elements 100%? — D.H.

Remedy: 100% of the RDA is supposed to present the nutrient demands for about 98% of the populace. Most individuals will get what they require from foodstuff. A lot of North Americans sense that much more natural vitamins are greater, or take a vitamin tablet as an coverage policy from an inadequate diet plan. Equally of these have been realistic hypotheses, but lots of research have been

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CMS Reportedly Exploring Nursing Home Medicaid Spending Requirement Tied to Patient Care

The federal government could soon require nursing homes across the country to spend most of their Medicaid payments on direct patient care, according to a Kaiser Health News report.

While not yet formally proposed, the Biden administration’s strategy would limit the amount of Medicaid dollars used on operations, maintenance and capital improvements or considered profits.

If the measure is in fact enacted, this would be the first time the federal government will have had a say on where nursing homes should spend their federal funding, according to the KHN article.

“We want to make sure that the dollars get to

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