Climate change jeopardizes health care services, report says

WASHINGTON — Dr. Suzy Fitzgerald remembers looking out the windows as wildfire flames surrounded the hospital where she worked.

“We had fire in all three directions,” Fitzgerald recalled. “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, this is serious. We need to get these people out.’”

Fitzgerald helped with the evacuation of 122 patients from Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Rosa Medical Center on that night nearly five years ago, as the blaze gobbled up homes and buildings across Northern California. The hospital, which had filled with smoke, closed for 17 days.

Medical centers around the country say that fires, flooding, heat waves and other extreme

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Letter to the Editor: LWV report looks at persistence of health inequities

Life expectancy data tells us that there are health inequities in Evanston. The average life expectancy in Evanston is 82 years, but depending on where you live, it ranges from 86 years in northeast Evanston to only 75.5 in west Evanston. The difference persists despite a strong health care infrastructure in our city.

Glenbrook Hospital, where NorthShore has treated most of its COVID-19 patients. (Photo via NorthShore University HealthSystem)

Evanston has two major hospitals that provide comprehensive medical care and a city-based Health and Human Services Department. We have one of only four certified municipal health departments in Illinois. The

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Nutrisystem Reviews: Does This Diet Works? Read Shocking Report

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Weight and related issues affect almost a tenth of the world’s population. The figures are expected to be as high as nearly one-third in the US. That is about 100 million people in the US who may be overweight. There is more to the problem of being overweight than meets the eye. People who are overweight have a greater risk of diseases and health conditions. Heart conditions like clogged arteries and heart attacks are common among overweight people.

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There is also social pressure from friends, peers,

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