The virtual ward is on its way: how remote monitoring is changing the face of clinical care

Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust (CUH) has implemented a fully integrated patient surveillance infrastructure based on Masimo’s Patient SafetyNetTM supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system and Halo ION™, which provides clinicians with a comprehensive, personalised and continuous patient score.

Masimo’s Root® device allow them to create a centralised patient monitoring and connectivity hub, while a variety of sensor types monitor patients’ vital signs, delivering enhanced, clear local displays to carers at the patient’s bedside, and remote monitoring capability to clinicians on mobile devices.

This degree of interoperability means the trust can extend the range of clinical input and

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Building trust in new technology for remote patient care requires powerful device infrastructure

COVID-19 transformed telemedicine from an optional offering to a critical service. And though the mechanisms through which providers connected with patients changed, patient safety and continuity of care remain critical. 

Leveraging intelligent devices to provide essential services such as remote patient monitoring, in-home rehabilitation and in-room care is the current and future state of healthcare. But device experiences, especially with a patient population, need to be human-centered. So how do you build trust with patients when introducing new technology? It starts with infrastructure. 

Updates are key for device security

Even with the explosion of Android devices entering the healthcare market,

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