Errors in DoD’s new electronic health care records system raise concerns among providers

Information about patients’ health care isn’t always accurate or complete in the Defense Department’s new electronic records system, according to a survey of defense health care providers conducted by the Inspector General’s Office.

These digital records allow providers to share a patient’s information with other providers — both within and outside the military health care system. But mistakes and lapses have had an impact on doctors’ ability to provide quality patient care, according to the IG.

Nearly 58% percent of the survey respondents expressed concern with the accuracy and completeness of the electronic health records, auditors found, according to a

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FDA Says Supplements Labeled Ortiga, Artri May Raise Heart Attack Risk

  • The FDA warned consumers against supplement sellers with variations of the name “Artri” and “Ortiga.”
  • These Mexico-based sellers contain dangerous, unlisted ingredients that can cause ulcers and high blood pressure.
  • Supplement sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, leading expert to call for more FDA oversight.

The US Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on supplements sold by two Mexico-based vendors.

The FDA released a consumer warning on April 20 that said supplements with variations of the name “Artri” or “Ortiga” contain dangerous hidden active ingredients not listed on the product label.

The supplements are marketed

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