UW systems experts put health of kids at the center as King County seeks to reach ‘zero youth detention’

September 22, 2022

UW health care methods gurus are developing a “nurse navigation” position to help youngsters in the criminal lawful method get healthcare.Jossué Trejo/Pixabay


As King County seeks to attain its objective of “zero youth detention” — ultimately doing away with the exercise of juvenile detention in the county —University of Washington scientists are operating to aid handle significant systemic worries in how young men and women have interaction with health treatment.

With a strategic approach to close the juvenile detention middle by

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One hundred days of war has put Ukraine’s health system under severe pressure

After one hundred days of war, Ukraine’s health system is under severe pressure and the World Health Organization (WHO) has increased its presence, both in Ukraine and in those countries hosting displaced Ukrainians, to help meet the escalating health needs.

““This war has gone on for 100 days too many, shattering lives and communities, and imperilling the short- and long-term health of Ukraine’s people,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “WHO is doing everything we can to support Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and deliver essential medical supplies and equipment. But the one medicine that Ukraine needs most is the

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On the wellness curve, focus on primary health care will put California ahead

In summary

Health coverage is not the same as quality health care. California needs to strengthen primary care, which puts patients at the center of care and helps keep health care costs affordable.

By Alice Hm Chen

Dr. Alice Hm Chen is the chief medical officer and leads the Health Equity and Quality Transformation Division at Covered California.

Julia Logan, Special to CalMatters

Dr. Julia Logan is the chief medical officer at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

California led the nation in health care reform by enabling millions to obtain health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. This year,

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