Health tips for adolescents: 5 problems due to obesity, ways to lose weight | Health

Obesity cases are spiking in children which means too much body fat and a higher body mass index (BMI) is a silent killer leading to higher mortality rates. Certain factors such as eating a diet high in calories, a sedentary lifestyle, genes, a sluggish metabolism, lack of sleep, stress, suffering from endocrine disorders and intake of junk, processed and canned food can lead to obesity in children. 

Did you know obesity cases are not only rising in adults but even adolescents? Being obese can make teenagers fall prey to a variety of health problems or serious complications. In an interview

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Health tips: Addressing lifestyle problems through plant-based foods | Health

We are living in a fast-paced environment where it is no secret that to maintain optimal health, improving our dietary and lifestyle choices are vital and fitness experts insist that the focus should be on doing moderate exercise, avoiding smoking and alcohol, avoiding processed food and red meat and reducing exposure to environmental toxins. Since lifestyle disorders are on the rise among Indians and are a direct consequence of choices people make on a daily basis with respect to food and their way of life, we see a very large number of people suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, obesity,

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