The Behavioral Health Care Affordability Problem

Introduction and summary

For far too long, people—especially people of color, people with low incomes, and people with disabilities—have struggled to access behavioral health care services in the United States. Reports of individuals endlessly navigating inaccurate provider directories,1 insurance denials,2 and expensive treatment3 have proliferated in recent years.

The coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted and exacerbated the behavioral health crisis and barriers to access care.4 Self-reported anxiety and depression disorder symptoms have increased 400 percent during the pandemic.5 Moreover, the same historically oppressed communities that have faced the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis—Black, Native, and

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Here Are 4 Simple Tips to Avoid This Common Health Problem For Your Cat or Dog

Do you love giving your cat or dog an extra treat to nibble on? As much as they seem to enjoy it, it isn’t always the healthiest move.

Just like humans, pets can suffer from weight issues. And it’s becoming a growing problem, with more chubby companion animals around than ever before.


In a recent survey of veterinarians, 73 percent said that obesity was “one of the most prevalent conditions” they see, with as many as half of pet dogs and 44 percent of cats carrying excess bodyweight.

It’s a worrying trend. Although we can sometimes think that a

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