Maimonides Hospital Power Struggle Boils Over as Patients Young and Old Endure ‘Traumatizing’ Care

On one side are allegations of mismanagement, self-enrichment and poor performance putting Brooklyn residents in danger.

On the other is a dismissal of these complaints as a disinformation campaign — spread by mailers, leaflets and on social media — meant to disparage the quality of care.

In politics, this would be business as usual.

But this fight is happening over Maimonides Medical Center — Brooklyn’s largest safety-net hospital, in Borough Park.

Caught in the middle of the drama that’s been unfolding publicly since February are patients at the 700-bed facility and their family members, some of whom shared horrible recent

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Natalia Dyer on Sensitive Skin Care, Lightweight Monochromatic Makeup, and the Power of Fragrance

“I have always had pretty finicky, sensitive skin—I broke out a lot as a teenager,” says Natalia Dyer. The Stranger Things star has since curated a regimen of products that won’t stress her skin, like a colloidal oatmeal-infused cleanser by NYDG and La Roche-Posay’s coveted moisturizer. To relieve facial and jaw tension, she glides a gua sha across her face or performs a gentle massage. “When my jaw relaxes, I think everything relaxes,” she says.

When she’s off duty, the 27-year-old keeps her makeup light. The star sees red carpet and glam as fun ways to experiment, but

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