4 beauty experts share their fall skin care routines

Fall’s sweater weather brings a season of comfort, but the crisp days may cause your skin to act out. With the changing seasons, you can expect your skin to transition too, and you’ll need to adjust your skin care routine accordingly.

According to the four experts we spoke with, the major thing to look out for is dry skin. “Hot showers, cold winds and blazing furnaces are the culprits behind dehydrated skin,” says celebrity esthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar. “In the fall, humidity levels tend to drop, and the winds become cool and crisp, which may lead one

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Do You Actually Need to Take a Beauty Supplement?

Using your nutritional vitamins employed to be as straightforward as deciding upon which Flintstones character you were in the temper for. Now organizations want you to down health supplements with names like Heavenly Hair, Killer Nails, and Mind Dust with breakfast Sparkle Fiber at midday and DTF and Sleeping Elegance just before bed (indeed, those people are all true names of items you can obtain).

It can be a good deal to swallow. The supplement market place is estimated to be valued at a whopping $71.37 billion by 2028. And latest surveys propose that far more than half of all

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The 42 Skin Care Winners of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2022

Ask any Allure editor’s loved ones about their favorite perks and they’ll probably skip right over our undying love to say it’s the all the skin-care products we delve out, particularly during our months-long Best of Beauty Award: Skin Care testing period, when our friends, partners, and roommates are positively inundated with cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers from our overflowing stashes. After testing hundreds of products with price tags ranging from “what a bargain!” to “are you freaking kidding me,” we know exactly which ones are fit to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and protect the faces of our nearest and dearest.

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Meet Johann Zehenni, Founder of Lupus-Friendly Skin-Care Line Gemini Beauty

It all began around two years ago, when Zehenni was on a virtual college tour of the University of Southern California (she’s since committed to Loyola Marymount University.) “Someone had asked a question in the chatbox saying, ‘What is an ideal candidate for USC?'” Zehenni recalls. “They said, ‘The student should show what their passion is and what they want to do in the future.'”

After that, Zehenni went on a run. “I kept thinking about how badly, after watching all these YouTube videos, that I wanted to start a skin-care line so I would finally have products that I

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Follow these 5 beauty tips before sleeping for smooth-healthy skin

Many people are not able to take care of their face due to fatigue before sleeping, but if this habit will be changed a little, then you can do a lot of benefit for your skin. Due to the hustle and bustle of the day, sometimes we forget to look after the skin routine, but if you will start taking proper care of your face before sleeping at night, then a lot can happen. Now this much can be done for glowing skin, isn’t it?

Some ladies take care of their skin properly throughout the day, but at night, they

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There’s ‘a lack of compassion in beauty marketing’

Before she was a big-name celebrity aesthetician with an eponymous skin care line, Shani Darden worked in a dermatologist’s office. She had never even considered a career in beauty before the job, but she credits the experience for why she treats her facials and skin care more like medical treatments than luxuries.

How to qualify for the student loan tax offset hardship refund

“I’ve always said I wish that more dermatologists took insurance for teens,” Darden told In The Know. “I think people forget that it’s a medical condition.”

A correlation between acne and depression or anxiety in patients

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The 24 Best Skin-Care Products, According to Dermatologists: CeraVe, La Roche-Posay, First Aid Beauty, and More

The best skin-care products are the ones tailored to your skin type and skin goals. Two people with different skin concerns are going to favor different products that offer different results, and comparing the two would be like comparing apples to oranges. Someone with dry skin might find a moisturizer that’s great for them, while that same moisturizer might not be the right one for someone with oily skin. So how do you find the best skin-care products for your skin? 

Ultimately you just have to keep trying products until you find ones that give you the results you want.

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Best Vegan Makeup, Skin Care, and Beauty Products in 2022: Cover FX, Milk Makeup, E.L.F. Cosmetics

There are many vegan alternatives to meat, dairy, and condiments, so it only makes sense that our options for vegan makeup, skin care, and other beauty products are just as plentiful—and, frankly, enticing. From 100% vegan brands like Pacifica to companies like Winky Lux and Caudalie that have select items with all-vegan ingredients, you can find a wide array of high-quality vegan beauty products available now, whatever your style or skin type may be. If you’re new to shopping for vegan cosmetics, here’s a quick briefing on what sets them apart from other beauty products.

What is vegan makeup?


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Brooke Shields, 56, Shares Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product

  • Brooke Shields shared with Prevention that she swears by Lumify Eye Drops for brighter, whiter eyes.
  • “I get really red eyes and I’m allergic to everything. It all happened in later years, which, you know, I’m trying to embrace it. But this is helping me through my red-eye phase.”
  • The 56-year-old also revealed that she loves True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil for “plump” skin.

    After decades in the entertainment industry, Brooke Shields knows a thing or two about beauty. While she’s shared her skincare routine for “glowy” skin in her 50s, the eye cream she uses to minimize fine

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    Clean beauty vs green beauty: Here’s what you should know about these skincare products

    This article is a part of CNN Underscored’s Earth Week, a weeklong focus on our planet and ways to celebrate and preserve it. We’ll be featuring tips on how to live more sustainably, products to help you spend more time in nature and exclusive deals all week, so check in every morning to see what’s new, and be sure to subscribe to the CNN Underscored newsletter to see it all.

    If you’ve shopped for any beauty product recently, from lipstick to shampoo, you’ve likely seen labels that call out certain products as “clean beauty.” But what does “clean beauty”

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