Singing River Health Academy’s Class of 2023 graduates

There is a shortage of healthcare workers in the United States right now, but a few have just graduated and are headed for the coast.

“Difference maker. You are in a position now where you can make a difference,” said Dr. Randy Roth, Chief Medical Officer. “Whether it’s in a hospital, or clinic, or lab.”

The Singing River Health Academy’s Class of 2023 graduated earlier today.

The graduates include certified nursing assistance students, sterile processing students, surgical techs, and medical assistants.

This would help provide assistance for the Gulf Coast and surrounding area as well.

For instance, a sterile processing tech is necessary to keep tools clean for operation and surgical techs provide assistance to surgeons, nurses, and others during a surgical operation.

“CNA’s are strong. They’re on their feet for 12 hours, sometimes they’ll go 6-8 hours back and forth down those hallways before they get their first break,” said  Richr’d Moore, a nurse educator. “And that’s if you get your first break, right?”

“Dr. Rob talked about integrity and trust,” said Susan Russell, the Chief Nursing Officer. “Can you imagine being more vulnerable than you are in the systems when, the first thing you usually ask are very personal questions like: when was your last bowel movement do you have? How many children do you have? Are you married?”