SEK academy provides students with hands-on healthcare experience | KSNF/KODE

PITTSBURG, Kan. — Kids in southeast Kansas are learning what it takes to be a health care professional.

The Inspire Health Foundation continued its Inspire Health Academy this week at the John Parolo Education Center. This three-day academy for middle school and high school students provides them with interactive and hands-on experiences in health care.

More than twenty kids are participating in more than ten different activities, from learning how to treat a patient with a broken bone, immunizations, CPR, as well as pediatric dentistry.

Inspire Health Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Turnbull says these experiences help these students prepare for their futures.

“In addition to the hands on activities as their working along with the doctors and nurses and health care professionals they’re also having conversations about what does this career path look like as I’m entering middle school and high school. What classes are important and how do I take those steps after high school to get in this career?” said Turnbull.

Turnbull said they’re hoping to inspire some of the kids to pursue a career in health care in southeast Kansas to impact their community.