Nootropics For Lucid Dreams Induction

There is a close relation between lucidity of dream and the power of the memory. The smart drugs that have come to the market for cognitive improvements including expanding the ambit of memory can play an important role in inducing lucid dreams.

But expanding the mind is quite a broad term encompassing many attributes of the mind that we refer to as smarter mind. But here our requirement is to broaden the horizon of memory.

For this there is no need to go for smart drugs. Many nootropics are available on the market that are made using natural ingredients. Such supplements are quite effective in enhancing the memory.

Broadly the memory can be divided into two parts, the ability of performing working memory is called phonological loop, and  ability to manipulate images within the memory is called visual-spatial sketchpad.

By phonological loop you are able to deal with numbers, remembering for a short or a longer time as the case may be. By visual-spatial sketchpad you can manipulate an image right in your head.

For lucid dreaming induction the requirement is to enlarge the ambit of working memory. If you have some nootropic supplement which is able to enlarge the span of your memory, then obviously it would positively affect the critical thinking process. This is sure to enlarge the potential of lucid dreaming.

As and when we tend to solve problematic issues during our waking time it goes to activate the working memory. When we sleep these thoughts get translated into dreams often simulating the activity you did waking up.

The important thing with the nootropic natural supplements is it does not approach the remedy by stimulating the mind as is done in the case of caffeine. In such cases though you may have a feeling of smartness, but it will be associated with sensations of jittery along with a compulsive feeling.

We will give you the list of three very popular and strong nootropic supplements that are made from 100% percent natural ingredients. These nootropic supplements are powerful nootropics and have no side effects.

  1. Nooceptin
  2. Noocube
  3. Vyvamind





As we now understand lucid dreaming is a special phenomenon where the dreamer remains completely aware of the fact that he is dreaming while still in the ongoing sleep.

Though still lots of research is yet to be performed to know further details and facts about lucid dreaming, but whatever scant information is available hint that the lucid dreaming occurs in the prefrontal and parietal parts of the brain.

Research is going on to devise some method of inducing lucid dreaming. The neuroscientists think that by lucid dream induction there would open avenues to many scientific applications. It has a potential to study deeper into the neuroscience of conscience.

During the occurrence of lucid dreaming the dreamer physiologically remains asleep but aware of his dream. He can even lead the dream to diverse action, remembering their wakeful life.

The neuroscientists believe that study of lucid dreaming will have a great contribution in understanding the subconscious and the conscious stages of mind.

The nootropic supplement like Nooceptin is able to promote lucid dreaming by expanding the horizon of memory. The advantages of consuming Nooceptin are

  1. By taking the supplement regularly the users are able to enhance memory to a great extent including both the short as well as the long term memory.
  2. The supplement has a positive effect on neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.
  3. Enhances learning comprehension
  4. It can reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on the mental as well as physical stature.
  5. Has a protective role on the brain chemicals
  6. It can bring in faster information processing as well as speedier problem solving skills.

How Nooceptin works

  1. The synergistic effect of the ingredients of the supplement Nooceptin increases the blood flow to the brain thereby supplying a good quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  2. The nootropic supplements in a combined way supports the formation of neuron connections which are vital for message transmission for superior cognitive function. Sound neuron connection means better cognitive power.
  3. The supplement helps in the growth of brain chemicals.
  4. It also enhances the levels of neurotransmitters that are vital for the proper functioning of the brain.
  5. Expands the horizon of memory
  6. Enhances the endurance against stress and anxiety

Ingredients of Nooceptin

  1. Citicoline
  2. Rhodiola rosea
  3. Bacopa monnieri
  4. L-Theanine
  5. Ginkgo biloba
  6. Lion’s Mane Extract
  7. Panax Ginseng

Key points about Nooceptin

Nooceptin is one formulation that aims at a long term solution to the cognitive problems. So we must not expect an immediate solution and faster results after taking the supplement.

For the full results the users must patiently consume the supplement for at least four months and more. Although the effect of the supplement will be felt after the end of the first month enhancing a few cognitive performances such as concentration, focus, and information processing.

The end of the third month would give the users major improvements in all the pathways of the brain, motivating them to continue the supplement further to achieve the full benefit of the nootropic supplement paving the way for lucid dreaming induction.





The benefits of consuming the nootropic supplement Noocube

  1. Sharper focus: in our day to day working we often face distractive incidents which deviate us from the main job. This episode is known as lack of focus. If you can increase your focus then nothing of any sort of mundane occurrences around you would be able to deviate you from your path. Noocube gets you razor sharp focus.
  2. Stress and anxiety have become a part and parcel of our life today. There is no way of keeping ourselves away from this evil. Both these disturbing elements excites our mind when no amount of logic is able to keep it at bay. But when we consume the supplement the adverse effects of stress and anxiety get reduced. The mind becomes strong enough to deal successfully with the mental and physical adverse effects of stress and anxiety.
  3. The supplement has a profound effect in increasing the ambit of memory. You will have an enlarged memory recall as well as retention power.
  4. Supports and protects eye-brain connection




Vyvamind is another popular nootropic that helps in lucid dream induction.

Ingredients of Vyvamind

  1. L-Tyrosine
  2. Citicoline
  3. L-Theanine
  4. Caffeine Anhydrous
  5. Vitamin B6
  6. Vitamin B12

Best Nootropic Supplements are :

  1. Nooceptin
  2. Noocube
  3. Vyvamind