MediBuddy s QuAFI Patent Signals Revolutionary Shift In Telehealth Consultations

MediBuddy, a digital healthcare platform, has secured a 20-year process patent from Intellectual Property India for its real-time telehealth consultation feedback system, QuAFI (Quality Assessment and Feedback Interactive System), the company informed in a press statement on Thursday. This achievement positions QuAFI as a game-changer, redefining doctor-patient interactions on telehealth platforms and propelling the nation’s digital healthcare sector into uncharted territories.

QuAFI’s plug-and-play model stands out for its versatility, seamlessly integrating with any telehealth platform. The system bridges existing gaps in physician training related to patient communication, fostering continuous learning and skills enhancement for doctors engaged in remote patient care.

Dr Gowri Kulkarni, Head of Medical Operations at MediBuddy, emphasised the system’s value for doctors offering telemedicine services. QuAFI acts as a virtual assistant, providing insights to enhance doctor-patient communication, mannerisms, questioning techniques, and prescription quality during consultations.

MediBuddy actively deployed this technology across its platform for two years, facilitating regular feedback to doctors on ongoing consultations. The tangible impact is evident in the platform’s stellar patient satisfaction scores, reflected in a Net Promoter Score exceeding 50 and a remarkable rating of 4.65 out of 5.

The system’s two-year deployment has positively influenced patient satisfaction levels, highlighting its role as a catalyst for improving overall clinical outcomes.