Local doctor provides tips on keeping kids healthy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Dr. Katrina Hood says her office has seen a slight drop in illness, but this could soon change.

“As we head back into school kind of getting back and again, we’ll see a flare-up as we get into those first couple weeks of school as they mingle with each other again,” said Dr. Hood.

Dr. Hood recommends taking steps to keep your kids safe before they head back to school from winter break like making sure they get enough sleep.

“They think, I’m on the holiday I’m gonna stay up until 5 in the morning, and then I’ll go to sleep. so they get off their sleep schedule, but sleep is when our bodies heal and so if you can help your kids get back into a really good sleep routine,” said Dr. Hood.

She says it’s especially important to remind your little ones of the importance of handwashing.

“It’s hard for a kid to think throughout the day ‘i should handwash, I should handwash.’ so if we can give the message that if they’re going to go to lunch or have snack, they need to ask their teacher or they need to make sure that they’re washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before they eat,” said Dr. Hood. “Any time a cough or a fever though goes on for a few days we should take a look.”

While Dr. Hood says a fever doesn’t always have to be treated, it’s usually a good reason to stay home.

“If they have a fever, they are likely contagious as well so trying not to get the fever down and send them to school. So that they would end up still spreading whatever illness,” said Dr. Hood.