Kerry Washington On How She’s Mastered Her Skincare Routine

Kind of related to that, are there any beauty tips or tricks that you learned while on set that you’ve continued to use when you’re not filming?

The first time I discovered tiny blemish patches was on set. And I love Neutrogena’s Stubborn Acne Blemish Patches because no matter how hard I work to take care of my skin, occasionally those little enemies appear. But the patches are incredibly effective! We’re the #1 dermatologist recommended acne patch brand. Learning about those was really amazing because I would leave set, put it on, and come back in the morning and it looked physically improved which is great! I think understanding that taking care of skin is really a holistic job. That it’s not one product, but a lifestyle choice.

That’s one of the reasons that I really love the Skin Vitals experience that we put together for the Metaverse Beauty week because we’re really talking about the internal and external aggressors that impact your skin which means we’re also talking about the environment, how hard travel is on it, and UV rays on your skin, but we also talk about lack of sleep, nutrition, and stress. I really learned on set that those things matter and that if I want to look good, it’s about taking care of myself and feeling good first.

You pretty much just answered my next question Kerry! I was going to ask what are some ways you practice self care with such a busy schedule.

It’s so funny! In this experience we created for the inaugural Metaverse Beauty Week (which is so exciting), we build this whole gameified experience where you journey through the layers of the skin from the dynamic barrier to the cellular activity—it’s very cool! It sounds like complicated science because we’re super into science at Neutrogena, but we’ve made it really fun for the consumer so that you learn while you’re having a good time.

So, in this experience, there are all of these aggressors that we have to battle to have healthy skin like traveling. Traveling really dries out your skin. In that level, we talk about how important the Hydroboost line is to helping with hydration in a drying environment. We talk about UV rays and we have such an incredible spectrum of sunscreen products, but in particular, these days, I’m also really into our Mineral Tint UV because we have it in lots of shades so it’s friendly to different skin tones and the minerals are really effective. It’s like a tinted moisturizer with strong UV!

But in addition to talking about those things that you can impact with Neutrogena products, we also talk about a lack of sleep, stress, and nutrition. Those are the areas that I find I sometimes struggle with more, in particular stress. I have a lot of stuff going on and a lack of sleep. So it’s really important for me to challenge myself to take better and better care of myself to make sure I’m really helping my skin to be its best from the outside and the inside-out.