How Research is Helping Improve Patient Care

Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 UTAH) — High-quality care at Intermountain Healthcare begins long before a patient enters an Intermountain hospital or clinic. It starts with innovative research that leads directly to improved patient care.

The long and distinguished history of leading cutting-edge clinical research at Intermountain began in the 1950s, two decades before Intermountain formally came into being a health system in 1975. At this time, investigators at Intermountain LDS Hospital conducted formal biomedical research studies. Since then, research activities at Intermountain have expanded dramatically.

Currently, there are more than 100 Intermountain physicians and scientists involved in many thousands of studies across dozens of clinical and medical specialties. There are more than 1,600 active studies underway within the Intermountain system.

The core of Intermountain research takes place within 10 clinical programs: behavioral health, cardiovascular care, intensive medicine, musculoskeletal, neurosciences, oncology, pediatrics, primary care, surgical services, and women & newborns care.

The clinical staff within each of these programs treats patients, as well as leads quality research studies to advance their field. Intermountain researchers are also leaders in medical research in over a dozen more clinical areas, including pulmonary medicine, precision genomics, and organ transplantation.

“Our mantra is that research serves patients. The discoveries that come out of these studies improve Intermountain’s care delivery performance in our facilities, as well as advance medical knowledge within the healing profession,” said Samuel Brown, MD, vice president of research and professor of research at Intermountain.

“We have many clinical trials available to patients with diseases that are not adequately treated with standard therapies,” said Dr. Brown. “We believe that if you have a disease that isn’t adequately treated with standard therapies the approach most likely to succeed is a clinical trial.”

For more information about research at Intermountain visit their website.

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