Fighting cancer? Expert-approved mental health tips to stay resilient | Health

Cancer is a much-dreaded word and not without a reason. The long and arduous journey requires great resilience, strength and support and it is certainly a battle which can be won to a great extent with your mind. It is easier said than done though as the cancer patient has to make drastic changes in their lifestyle while battling with all the uncertainty, pain, discomfort, anxiety that comes with cancer. Making peace with the situation that you are in, doing things that make you calm, staying away from unnecessary stressors as much as possible, staying in touch with people who are in similar circumstances, doing some relaxation exercises and practicing gratitude can help you deal with the disease better. (Also read: Doctors share tips to manage depression in cancer patients)

Getting overwhelmed is natural for people with cancer as they are fighting this battle on multiple levels. The treatment, the fear, the uncertainty, the physical symptoms can all take a toll.

“As the patient embark on what is frequently a protracted treatment regimen involving innumerable tests, therapy sessions, consultations – they may encounter additional issues not pertaining to the disease. For example, they may experience difficulties in their personal relationships. They could be exhausted all of the time. They might be getting overwhelmed about their symptoms, treatment, and eventual death. Employers, friends and even family members may start to discriminate against them in their own ways leading to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression,” says Arouba Kabir, Mental Health counselor & Founder, Enso Wellness.

One should remember that getting a cancer diagnosis isn’t the end of the world and there are innumerable people who have conquered this battle against cancer with their strong mind and persistent efforts. Arouba Kabir suggests mental health tips for cancer patients.

Find your calm: Understand and realize that getting diagnosed with cancer isn’t the end of life. Take your time, process the news and come back determined and if at times you fail to do so, know it is alright.

Join a support group: They are a great way of helping you come together with people facing similar circumstances as you. It’ll help you cope with the overwhelming thoughts in your head and add greatly to a stable mental health If you do not find one, try sharing it with your loved ones or your doctors.

Consult a professional: Negative emotions can usually cause women to stop doing things that are good for them and start doing things that aren’t the best like start eating poorly, abandoning social interactions etc. All this and several other factors affecting the physical self impact our body as well. Talking to a professional may help you restore your feeling of self worth and help you remove your body in the time it needs it the most.

Make a journal: You might spend your day lying around just because you feel doomed. Making a journal will help you be responsible for your actions and will get you moving.

Plan ahead: Keep days reserved your treatment as well as for yourself – go take a spa, meet your parents or children and don’t confine yourself – the warmth of love is far more powerful than any medication.

Breathe in, breathe out: Let everything that’s holding you back go away and push ‘refresh’ – start your fight tomorrow with a more positive feeling, trust me you deserve it just like anyone else.

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