Fight Off Winter Cravings With These Healthy Snacking Tips

The winter season tests the mettle of the biggest fitness freaks out there, with delicious warming treats readily available. Can you ever resist the steaming samosas and pakodas or pass the bowl of drool-worthy gajar ka halwa? Of course, not. Come winter and smart eating goes for a toss. However, we can still eat well during without compromising on our wellbeing. How so? We are sharing some expert-recommended tips to keep cravings for unhealthy foods at bay.

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Here’re some tips to control winter cravings:

1. Keeping that sweet tooth in heck

The winter season sees piles of tempting and easily accessible sweet treats spread across the house. And for those with a sweet tooth, it is impossible to resist the call of the sweet goodness of halwas and chocolates. However, instead of indulging in unhealthy sweets, try and switch to organic jaggery, dates, fruits and other dry fruits. Try to replace the gulab jamuns and rasgullas with a dark chocolate piece that is sweetened naturally.

2. Cut that trans-fat from your life

Winter usually leads to an increase in the consumption of deep-fried food items. They are high in trans-fat and can lead to several lifestyle diseases, if not kept in check. If you cannot avoid indulging in deep-fried foods, then at least try to cut out processed oil and go for the traditional healthier oils for preparing the same dish.

3. Say no to comfort eating

The onset of winter heralds the coming of coughs, colds and the worse of all – winter weight gain! The chill in the air and longer nights tempt us to comfort eat in the winter. It is important to resist this urge, and if you cannot then try healthier alternatives such as homemade soups and nuts to fill that gap. Stash some whole-grain crackers in your drawer. Keep a small package of fig bars and assorted nuts in your bag. Make sure to put some emergency healthy snacks into your bag too. And keeping a bag of pistachios handy is the easiest thing you can do to ensure that you snack smart.

In fact, with their many benefits, pistachios can be your go-to snack. These nuts are both delicious and healthy, and easy to carry as well. And if your friend needs some more convincing, here are some of the facts that will really drill the point home:

An ounce (50 kernels) of pistachios provides approximately 160 calories, 6-gram protein, and 13-gram fat (1.5 gm saturated fat) and 3 grams fibre. 1-2 servings a day is enough to enjoy the benefits pistachios have to offer and no, they don’t lead to weight gain, in fact they are a brilliant cravings buster, as the duo of fibre and protein in them keep you full and satisfied for longer. Plus, the act of opening each pistachio shell to get out the nut slows down the eating process, which also adds to satisfaction and fullness after eating.

These tasty nuts are especially rich in vitamin B6, which is important for keeping hormones balanced and healthy. They also deliver a lot of fibre, which helps the gut stay healthy and happy. Pistachios also contain higher amount of protein in comparison with other nuts, which is needed for muscle building.

Give yourself the gift of health by cultivating good snacking habits. It is a gift that will keep on giving!

About Author: Kavita Devgan – Health Expert, Nutritionist and Author

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