Challenges of Patient Care

Nursing solutions in patient care improve overall patient care by improving nursing conditions, integrating nurses into decision-making, and implementing changes.

FREMONT, CA: Emergency room nurses also play an integral role in providing critical patient care outside of emergency rooms. Nursing staff must make critical patient management decisions. Providing timely solutions to patients will benefit nurses and their ability to communicate with them effectively. Nurse practitioner courses should prepare future nurses for a digital future, and the nursing profession needs to embrace a digital future.

Having access to all the patient records, digitally curated, in one place should be possible for nurses without boundaries created by counties, states, or even nations. It should be possible for every hospital and nurse in charge to access a patient’s history, including their General Practitioner, medical history, and insurance records.

Nurses need to identify challenges to patient care to improve patient care.

Improve clinical environment: Policymakers, healthcare industry experts, and hospital administrators must address the clinical environment so that nurses can work and be their best selves. Taking time off should be an option for nurses so they can recharge and get back to work. It should be addressed at the root level if nursing shortages prevent overworked and understaffed nurses from integrating digital advancements. It is imperative that adequate training and retraining be provided for a seamless digital transition since patients’ lives are at stake, unlike in other professions.

Let nurses be part of the digitization: The nursing staff should be involved in the procurement, implementation, and hands-on training of new digital medical products when a hospital decides to replace a traditional medical system with a digital product. Nurses must be involved in the development phase of any customized software or digital product, not just in the testing phase. A simple solution to a critical problem would otherwise be wasted money.

Implementing simple changes: Nursing systems should be replaced with advanced, digital solutions whenever possible so patients and nurses can have a better experience.

An unstable internet connection hinders the workflow of a state-of-the-art patient management system. The financial consequences of spending excessive money on a diagnostic appliance update but failing to train the nursing staff will be negative.